BADU Networks Business Brief

PingFog Wireless gateway products are designed to deploy easily in front of existing wireless networks, increasing efficiency to support more users and traffic. PingFog can help avoid a bandwidth upgrade.


  • Founded in Orange County late 2013
  • Leader in web performance optimization
  • Offer appliances, software, and service solutions for Web, Mobile, Wi-Fi and Cloud applications
  • Unique and revolutionary approach to wireless acceleration
  • Technology proven in carrier-grade production environment

Problems we solve

  • Poor Wi-Fi performance for any network
  • Poor video quality – slow starting with buffering and low bit-rates
  • Spotty last mile performance for mobile devices from service provider networks
  • Bad internet conditions that cause slow loading of web pages
  • Slow data backups and synchronizations

Product & Technology

  • Badu Network’s patent-pending technology WarpTCP mitigates the weaknesses and inefficiencies of TCP, especially over wireless networks
  • What WarpTCP is NOT:
    • caching
    • compression
    • de-duplication
    • transcoding
    • packet filtering
    • traffic shaping (QoS)
  • PingFog Product Offering:
    • WarpCE (Carrier Edition)
    • Server side:
      • WarpCloud virtual appliance or software
      • WarpEngine appliance
      • WarpServer software

Why Badu PingFog

  • Improves the user experience dramatically
  • Additive — is complementary to current optimization products like CDN and FEO
  • Easy to deploy — easy to install, no need for continuous tuning
  • Flexibility — deployed as software, virtual instance or an appliance
  • Asymmetric — no receiving side software or hardware required
  • Transparency — agnostic to content, no changes to application or networks
  • Long term investment — PingFog benefits will not be impacted by changes in the network or applications

Typical Customers

  • Internet Service Providers
  • CDNs looking for a better edge performance
  • eCommerce web sites that want to go faster
  • Cloud providers (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS)
  • Enterprises using the cloud to deliver applications or services globally
  • Any company that has latency sensitive applications running across the Internet
  • Hosted Service providers
  • Application Delivery Controller (ADC) manufacturers
  • Mobile Handset or Tablet Manufacturers
  • Hotel or School campus with congested or slow Wi-Fi